Spirits, what should I do with my life today?

2021.12.05 04:23 ShittyCatLover Spirits, what should I do with my life today?

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2021.12.05 04:23 AlternativeFlow575 Don't be late guys. People! Check casper and loom at the Tokenomics. This is a huge project with huge profit. It is undervalued, they don't see the real success. $CSPR to the moon.

Don't be late guys. People! Check casper and loom at the Tokenomics. This is a huge project with huge profit. It is undervalued, they don't see the real success. $CSPR to the moon. submitted by AlternativeFlow575 to DigitalCryptoWorld [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 04:23 Former_Conference577 More questions

anyone ever tried planting an outdoor grow in an old chicken coop? chicken shit is full of nitrogen and the soil looks rich, wondering if it would be too nitrogen rich for the veg stage, or if it would be like a supersoil kind of thing
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2021.12.05 04:23 totalbeef13 Withdraw from equities or bond fund?

Say I want to retire now and do a 60/40 equities to bonds allocation but glide/tent into 100 equities in 10 years.
Hypothetically, say that after 1 year of retirement my equities are up but my vanguard bond fund is down. I assume I’d withdraw my annual cash from the equities, is that right? If so then, how do I lessen my bond allocation over time if the bond fund is down and I don’t want to sell them for a loss?
I hope that question makes sense, I’m a noob.
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2021.12.05 04:23 Affectionate_Job_643 🗞

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2021.12.05 04:23 Jackbux35 What fast food place sells the best burgers?

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2021.12.05 04:23 skycoder1010 Norse Lands question: I already got Mjolnir once but died, I’m back on the island but idk how to get it again, is it possible to?

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2021.12.05 04:23 Pokesi_ Glad to see the price of gas is falling

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2021.12.05 04:23 Necessary_Author_308 🦊FoxBoy 👦 #14 on Coinmarketcap!!!!. Surviving and Recovering The Dip Already Huge Buys started 🚀 !! . 3D NFT Marketplace + Gaming that will dominated the BSC!!!

3D-NFT marketplace that will raise the bar in crypto!! 😱 Vetted and called by Travladd's SAFU calls! 🚀 Praised by Mr. Gollum!
Only 1.5m Marketcap!
Contract renounced. 🔱 Fork of Catboy.
Doxxed devs from 🇳🇴 and 🇨🇦
Tokenomics: 4% Fee distributed to liquidity 4% Fee distributed to marketing & airdrop
4% Fee distributed to NFT creation and buyback 1% Reflections
Liquidity locked 🔒 for 7 months at DxSale
Doxxed to Coinmooner
Our 3D NFT Marketplace will be developed by a skilled 3d vector modeling artist in combination with the lead dev who has 15 years of software experience, we will bring the best marketplace possible, which will allow you to move your NFT's around into different positions, and in the next stages, add NFT attributes to your own such as styling accessories!
💯 Join now and see how NFTs are supposed to be made!
🏷️ Contract Address: 0xD1d70395799B0D097A2C069793ba436456aBA063
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xD1d70395799B0D097A2C069793ba436456aBA063
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xD1d70395799B0D097A2C069793ba436456aBA063#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x30cce20d92e84f37801337ab9268d64512b746bc
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2021.12.05 04:23 Leahgo Join us

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2021.12.05 04:23 AlrightyAlmighty Adverse effects of Vitamin D?

I first tried supplementing Vitamin D a couple of years ago. (Not much winter sun here in Germany.)
I quickly noticed that it made me feel terrible. Couldn't sleep, unusually strong circulatory problems. So I stopped taking it.
Recently I decided to look into it again, and found out that Vit D supplements are often made from sheep whool, and I'm allergic to animal hair. So I found one that's "vegan", made from some sort of fungus that grows on trees.
Started taking that with 1.000 IE a day. Started to feel terrible, couldn't leave my room. Thought I had covid or something else. Then after a couple of days realized that my symptoms similar to when I first tried Vit D. Stopped taking it. Slowly getting better now.
Could this have anything to do with my autoimmune dermatosis (pemphiugs)?
Do you supplement Vit D?
Anyone have similar experiences?
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2021.12.05 04:23 Due_Dot2053 I hope you guys will Sign the Petition #justiceforpriyantha

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2021.12.05 04:23 assagitaz UNWA - Primeval Island [OLD SQL Recordings]

Publisher: OLD SQL Recordings
Out Date: 2021-11-12
Quality: MP3 14.62 Mb / AIFF 64.40 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
UNWA - Primeval Island / (Key Cm, BPM 124, Length 6:05)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=512596
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2021.12.05 04:23 voldywithanose kochi wo miro

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2021.12.05 04:23 Privacy0100 I got a superior eth shadow plate

15 enhanced defence. Base defence 961. Made 4 sockets. Best for fortitude or stone runeword?
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2021.12.05 04:23 Wide_Apartment_6933 [Geometry 9] triangle congruency I am trying to answer these questions. I think the first one and third one are right, but the second one may not have enough information.

[Geometry 9] triangle congruency I am trying to answer these questions. I think the first one and third one are right, but the second one may not have enough information. submitted by Wide_Apartment_6933 to HomeworkHelp [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 04:23 GirldickiscuteOwO Why do my guitars sound like shit?What can i do???

Is that the tone??? lack of eq??? and the track is too quiet compare to my reference track hoobastank - my turn
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2021.12.05 04:23 otikram 6579 3177 2372 Zekrom now be online

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2021.12.05 04:23 shiprara Anyone else starting to feel like...

The initially crackpot theory of Jyubei being Shippo is maybe staring to feel like it may not be as crazy as initially thought, considering that Miroku decided that a random bounty shop owner would be the perfect place for the young lord of a shape-shifting raccoon dog family to be left at?
I seem to remember Jyubei immidiately recognizing that takechiyo was the young lord seems like a bit of an odd piece of knowledge for a human to have, I'm probably thinking way to deep into it but was just curious on others takes
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2021.12.05 04:23 SomeGuyWithAChair cereal killers

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2021.12.05 04:23 BaguetteOfDoom Kann ich mich boostern lassen, auch wenn die 6 Monate noch nicht ganz rum sind?

Ich hab Ende Juli meine 2. Impfung bekommen, wäre also ab Ende Januar mit boostern dran. Ende Januar geht aber auch mein Auslandssemester los. Da würde ich mich gerne vorher noch boostern lassen, damit ich mich nicht im Ausland gleich um einen Impftermin kümmern muss. Geht das, dass ich mich eventuell schon Mitte Januar impfen lasse?
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2021.12.05 04:23 uaskmebefore 洗米华被逮捕让北京权贵人人自危 习近平打击江派的步骤

洗米华最早做扒仔 即高利贷中间人

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2021.12.05 04:23 LocksmithDesperate70 Winter Productsm

So I live alone and I'm very glad that summer is here. I think now, with summer sales and all, would be a good time to invest in some winter clothes or household products. Any tips on things I should most definitely have? I was thinking of a rug, I have a carpeted floor but I love the feel of a good rug, anyone else agree? Or anything else that that I most definitely need to keep me warm during the future winters?
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2021.12.05 04:23 No-Mango4840 GUYS I FOUND THIS

https://streamable.com/5f9hdn IS THIS OLD OR NEW??? H E L P
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2021.12.05 04:22 Wandasgirl_friend How many o levels are required to study in Germany

Hi does anyone happen to know this? I’ve looked it on google but I’m still not sure so I figured I’d just ask here anything would be helpful!
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