Could someone do a Freebie Drawing For Me? I don’t have money for a Commission. Thanks.

2021.10.23 00:36 BrewCrewFan98 Could someone do a Freebie Drawing For Me? I don’t have money for a Commission. Thanks.

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2021.10.23 00:36 Crone_Johnson Genetic Engineering Mutilated God’s Creation (Bloodborne-inspired, Apocalyptic Sci-Fi) (Part 1/2)

Genetic Engineering Mutilated God’s Creation (Bloodborne-inspired, Apocalyptic Sci-Fi) (Part 1/2)

High in the blue sky, the afternoon sun watched over crowded city streets. Decorated with carved wood, bridges connected multistory, brick buildings. Ornaments and shiny statues of winged creatures embellished the rooftops. Merchants put up stalls in the market square, displaying fruit and vegetables for customers to purchase. The citizens wore various accessories and clothes. Laughing and chattering, nobody was in a hurry.
I glanced at my golden pocket watch.
An old woman in a dress approached.
“Good day to you, son.”
“Hey. A good day to you as well.”
“Expecting an acquaintance?”
“Yeah, a friend. She’s a tad bit late, but it’s typical for her.”
“How nice. I too am waiting for someone—my husband.”
“He running late?”
The woman pointed at a man a few stalls away from us. “Some people require a lifetime to make a choice.”
“Haha, true that.”
“Took him years to propose to me.”
“The answer always would have been a yes, poor soul worried I would reject him. Regarding true companionship, awareness is required. Nevertheless, we have been happy since.”
“Always nice to see a happy ending.”
“He is ready. Please, enjoy the rest of your day, son.”
“You too.”
Seconds later, a young woman dressed in flowery garments tapped me on the shoulder.
“Hi Cole! I’m terribly sorry for making you wait.”
“Annabelle! Happens to everyone.”
“You look excited.”
“I have my reasons. You treated me to a wonderful time at the carnival the other day, so I wanted to do something for you.”
“The upcoming dance at town square... saw you looking at the leaflet last week. You were so excited, I couldn’t resist buying tickets.”
“That’s wonderful!” Annabelle hugged me. “You do know it’s animal-themed, and you need a costume.”
“Was hoping you can help me out.”
“There is this amazing place in the Blue Sunflower district. We should go right—“
I opened my eyes.
“Your presence is required,” a prerecorded voice announced.
Glass panels retracted. Wearing nothing but pants, I rubbed my eyes.
Wires detached from my nape, leaving four holes in the back of my neck.
One of five other pods opened.
My colleague Maxwell emerged. “Why? Why now? Always interrupts the best part.”
“What were you doing?”
“Enjoying breakfast. Bacon, yoghurt, pancakes... variety of fillings. Were you in the middle of something?”
“Annabelle and I were about to shop.”
We retrieved boots and coveralls from our wall lockers.
“Shop? For what?”
“Remember the carnival date I told you about? In return, I invited her to this dance.”
“I’m happy for you, buddy. When do you plan on meeting in the real world?”
“Never. That’s not an option.”
“Why not?”
“Our lives outside the dream are miserable. Any conversation connected to them kills the mood, so we agreed not to talk about them.”
Maxwell and I waited in a large hall full of crates and boxes. Cables and pipes covered the majority of the metal walls and ceiling.
A blast door slowly opened.
Our heavy toolbox required us to lift it together. One of us on each side, we carried it outside.
Thick grey clouds hid the sky.
I found myself in what resembled the market square from the dream. While they were there, the buildings were different—some abandoned, others in ruin. The inhabited ones like mine had blast doors. Wood and brick was replaced with stone and metal. Antennas, security cameras and vents protruded where statues and ornaments had been.
The few people on the street were workers with identical coveralls.
Rather than forging an entirely new world, the simulation created by the pods used the city as a reference.
Potholes, trash, and rubble from collapsed structures forced us to take longer, alternate routes. Many buildings had their doors and windows welded shut.
“Max, think we’ll ever be rewarded with a permanent dream?”
“Rewarded? Hah! For what? Fixing pipes?”
“If we fix enough pipes, maybe?”
“Sorry, buddy, won’t happen. Be thankful for what you have, we get plenty of time to dream.”
“Lately, not sure if I can be.”
“What got you thinking this way?”
“Few days ago... Annabelle told me she was rewarded.”
“Good for her.”
“I’m happy too, but also worried. The twelve hours I get aren’t enough. Not to mention getting randomly woken up when emergency work comes up. How long do you think she’ll put up with it before... you know.”
“Before she breaks up with you? Relax, everyone has a few minor problems.”
“Yeah, but mine aren’t minor. Planned on proposing, but the way things are right now, she’ll definitely say no. Just want to make her happy, because... because she makes me happy.”
“I’m no therapist, Cole. Next time you dream, go see one.”
“Hm. Might try that.”
We dropped the tool box near a large hatch, and turned the rusty wheel.
“Let’s see... What a surprise, more exposed wire.”
“Again? Be careful, you almost lost a hand last time.”
“There must be a hole somewhere; rainwater is causing this damage. Hand me a flashlight, Max.”
After a long day of work, canned food awaited us back home.
“So tired...” I dropped an empty can in the bin. “What are you going to dream about?”
“Food. Real food. Not the garbage they feed us. Good luck with Annabelle.”
I relaxed in my pod. The wires inserted themselves in my neck.
The blue sky returned. As always, during the dream, the city was a paradise. I headed for Annabelle’s house. Sweet aromas filled the air.
Annabelle sat on the porch.
I waved. “Hey!”
Annabelle grabbed my hand. “There isn’t much time.”
“Time? Time for what? What’s wrong?”
“A big part of the pods will be shut down.”
“How do you know this? Will you be alright?”
“I’ll be fine, it’s you who is in danger. All systems will be deactivated, including the city’s defenses.
“So? There is nothing but an endless, uninhabitable wilderness beyond the city walls.”
“All I know is that something is coming, and it wants to hurt us.”
“Important thing is that you are safe.”
“Don’t worry about me, you’re the one in trouble. Do you remember that little restaurant we go to each Friday?”
“Of course.”
“Leave the dream, and go there.”
“Isn’t it abandoned in the real world?”
“My dad pulled some strings to get you a place inside. Right now, it’s your only chance! Please... go.”
“I enjoyed our time together, Cole.”
“Annabelle, I’m not leaving.”
“I gave you a head start, make the best of it.”
I opened my eyes.
“This pod will be temporarily disconnected,” the prerecorded voice announced.
The wires retracted.
“No, get me back in. Get me back in!”
Maxwell peacefully slept in his pod next to the others.
“The abandoned restaurant...” I fully trusted Annabelle. “Max, you stick here for the time being.”
I got dressed, and hurried towards the exit.
The blast door closed behind me.
Everything seemed normal. I ran towards the abandoned restaurant. Workers gave me confused looks.
Halfway there, warning sirens sounded.
I instinctively wanted to seek shelter, but kept going. Prolonging my journey, a collapsed tower blocked the entirety of the street.
A translucent barrier in the sky flickered and disappeared as clouds became brown. A single red raindrop fell on my cheek. It irritated my skin.
I hid under a balcony as it began to rain. Tainted water filled potholes and cracks in the tiled road. As a maintenance worker, I had seen the aftermath of the rain. While I never saw the process in person, I knew exposure was hazardous.
Red lightning flashed.
Opposite of me, I could see ruins of a long-abandoned store. I thought of hiding inside, but the danger of it further collapsing was too great.
Behind the metal beams, bent pipes, and stone, something moved. Pushing a small cart, a man exited. He wore a thin coat over his suit vest. A white head of hair stuck out among the dark surroundings.
“Hey, get out of the rain,” I said.
The man didn’t hear me.
He stopped.
“Get out of the rain, it’s dangerous.”
The white-haired man stared at me for an awkward ten seconds. His face contorted into a disgusting grin. A series of snorts transitioned into a cackle. The stranger picked up a plastic bag from his cart and threw it at me.
The bag contained a folded raincoat.
“Uh...Thank you!”
The man continued pushing his cart away from the direction I was heading.
I put the raincoat on, and resumed my journey. Avoiding the slippery tiles and puddles was tedious. I stopped under a stone bridge to catch my breath.
“Almost there...” I checked the time on my old, bulky watch.
“Nice watch.”
Something hard hit the back of my head.
I stumbled forward.
“That was meant to kill you... Next time I’ll swing harder.”
A man in coveralls held a long pipe. His skin was red from the rain.
My body felt heavy. The hit to the head made me dizzy.
“Y-you... you’re a worker.”
“Did the uniform give it away?”
I hobbled backwards. “Why are you out here? Didn’t you hear the siren?”
“You’d want me locked up... trapped, ready to be fed to the abominations. Who warned you?”
The man prepared to strike.
I kicked in a puddle, sending rainwater in the man’s face.
He screamed.
Struggling to run, I entered the closest building without a door. Water poured from a few large holes in the ceiling. The light provided by them revealed metal crates and stone slabs.
I hid behind a crate.
“Wanna know why I attacked you?” Face bleeding, the man rushed inside. His right eye was entirely brown, while his left was twitching. “The abominations need all the bodies they can get.”
On palms and knees, I tried to calm my breathing.
“Makes my life easier. Humans are faster to kill than those things.”
A muscular, humanoid silhouette appeared behind the man. Its arms ended with sharp blades.
The monster sliced the stranger’s body in half.
The upper half fell near the crate I was hiding behind.
Despite my injury, I regained balance and composure due to the shock. Not from seeing the monster, not from witnessing the violent attack, but from seeing the man still conscious.
He glared at me with his one good eye. “Suppress their promise of happiness.”
The creature dragged his body away. Hunched over, it produced chewing and gargling noises.
The only way out was the hole in the ceiling. I stepped on a metal pipe and reached for a thick tube. There was no time to inspect how stable they were. Holding and stepping on pipes, cables, and tubes, I scaled the wall. The water irritated my hands, but was better than getting sliced in half.
The monster spotted me. It was too heavy to jump. I felt the creature’s blade cut my pants as I got out of the hole.
The monster watched me from bellow. Its leathery skin was human. Aside the deadpan stare on its stretched face, a second twisted face on its belly maintained eye contact.
“Please, don’t leave me,” the face on its belly said. It followed its request with a mischievous smile.
As if something was whispering in my ear, I heard a voice. “...some of the stars are already dead...”
“Who’s there!” I shouted.
Nobody else was on the roof.
The monster below was gone.
Maniacal laughs echoed through the city. Down on the street, voices produced incoherent shouts and moans.
Annabelle wanted me to reach the abandoned restaurant. That was my goal.
Pipes and platforms, which connected rooftops, served as a potential way to traverse the city.
The restaurant was visible, but a wide street separated me from it. The only way forward required descending.
I contemplated the few possible options.
Skin-colored slime emerged from a vent on the roof. Limbs and heads solidified.
“A foreign voice I hear...” The creature grew larger and larger. “Human fear grows near... sweet noises to my ear...”
What resembled two people passionately kissing protruded from a pile of flesh.
“Get away from me!” I stepped back.
“Join our embrace. Join our love.”
While larger, the creature was slower than the last one I encountered.
Its body stretched upwards before attacking. The large mass of flesh served as a mace, leaving a dent in the metal roof. Such an impact would’ve crushed a human body.
The creature returned to its previous form. “Join our love.”
I searched for a larger pile of debris, and jumped off the roof. I hopped to a smaller pile where I safely climbed down to the street.
The creature slithered back into the vent.
One after another, three abominations exited the building below. Giant heads with stubby legs slowly approached.
“We need warmth...” the first whispered.
“I am lonely!” the second screamed.
“Coat looks nice,” the third stated.
In an attempt to flee, I slipped on wet tiles, and fell on my back.
The three heads were catching up. I was paralyzed as time slowed down. The closer the heads were, the slower they moved until everything along with the rain froze.
“Did you know some of the stars are already dead?”
I blinked.
“Did you know some of the stars are already dead?”
I blinked. The city no longer existed.
Palms pressed against a circular glass window, a little girl watched distant glowing orbs of various warm colors among infinite darkness.
“Did you know some of the stars are already dead?” the girl asked.
“Really?” I pretended to be surprised. “How’s that possible?”
“It takes time for light to get to us. We learnt about it in class.”
“Hey, help me out with this.” I placed decorations on a plastic evergreen tree.
Paper snowflakes and fairy lights covered the cabin interior’s shelves and walls.
I picked up a yellow star from the box of decorations.
“Wait!” The girl reached for it. “Can I?”
“Of course.” I smiled, handed the star, and lifted her so she could reach the top of the tree. “Someone is getting heavy. Soon you’ll have to do this on your own.”
I blinked. The girl and the room disappeared.
Back in the city, everything moved normally. The monstrous heads reached me.
“No, don’t!” I lifted my hands to protect myself.
A blade cut through the monsters, splitting the ugly creatures into multiple pieces.
Half of a bloody face landed in front of me.
Drenched in blood and tainted rainwater, tattered cloth partly hid metal plates and moisture-resistant tape. The figure towering over me held its sword with a single hand. Its face was hidden behind a visor.
The stranger grabbed me by the collar. Their abnormal height exceeded that of an average human, adding to the intimidating appearance.
“You shouldn’t be outside, partner... not at this time.” An articulate female voice didn’t match the appearance. I could see her rotting teeth and black gums through an opening in the helmet.
“You... a-are you real?”
“Hallucinations got to you, did they?”
“You don’t want to kill me?”
The woman released me. “Why would I ever commit such an atrocity?” A crooked smile accompanied her sarcastic tone.
“Everything else I encountered up to now wanted me dead. Took a hit to the head, been seeing and hearing things since.”
“Do not stay near the abominations... They corrupt the mind. Where is it that you live?”
“Doesn’t matter anymore. I need to go there.”
The woman looked at the abandoned restaurant. “What business is it that you have in that fine establishment?”
“I was told to go there.”
“Is that so? Introduce yourself, partner.”
“My name is Cole—maintenance worker.”
“Hm. Mmm. Can’t let you do that, partner. It’s too late for you.”
“Do you have any idea what it took me to get here? The things I had—“
Accompanied by screeching and shouting, a horde of disfigured abominations flooded the street. Crooked limbs ending with sharp blades flailed. Melted human faces with a wide array of expressions stared into nothingness.
They charged at us.
Without a second thought, I fled.
The woman’s grip around the long metal handle tightened as she lifted the sword double her height. In a single swing, the first half-dozen creatures bursted into limbs, chunks of flesh, and pulp. While it didn’t kill the ones further away, it dismembered a good number of them. It took a second swing to finish the rest of the horde. The blade chopped through them as if their bodies were paper.
I watched the horror show from the abandoned restaurant.
“I believe I told you not to enter.” The woman sounded annoyed.
More screeches echoed.
“Wait outside.”
The mechanism in her sword produced a high-pitch click. The upper half of the blade retracted, resizing the weapon into a comfortable-to-carry shape. She ran towards the source of the screeching.
“Can’t go back. Not anymore.” I proceeded to search the interior. I maneuvered around demolished furniture and scrap metal. Dressed in layers of old garments, a corpse on the wall hung from a machete in its chest.
“Please, proceed,” a gentle voice extended an invitation.
Annabelle wanted me to go to the restaurant, so I walked deeper, down a flight of stairs.
Jars with glowing crystals illuminated a chamber with large canisters and compartment doors. A robed figure sat behind an autopsy table in the middle. Despite sounding like a man, he wore a metal mask of a smiling woman.
“Did the words of Evelyn not mean anything to you? Do not answer, it matters not.”
“Just want to get this nightmare over with. Friend said I’ve been given a place here. I assume some form of work? My name is Cole.”
“You wish to sign up.”
“My friend didn’t go into detail, what exactly am I signing up for?”
“To assist the city in this time of crisis. Abominations roam the streets—such evil must be put down.”
“Fight those monsters? I can’t do that! Isn’t the woman with the sword enough?”
“Evelyn is outnumbered. Poor dear cannot protect a city alone.”
The robed figure reached into a compartment. Four slimy tentacles wiggled between his hand. An elongated slug-like creature let out disturbing clicks.
“Wha-what is that? What is that?”
“It is power. You will be granted strength and speed no human can match.”
“H-how does that thing grant me power? What if I do the sane thing and say no? What if I simply return to the safety of my home.”
“You made it clear, previously... You have no intention on leaving.”
“The bug thing might have changed my mind.”
“Do as you wish, son, but I assure your home is not safe. Perhaps you arrive in one piece—does not matter. Invasion is inevitable, and the inhabitants will die.”
Annabelle always wanted the best for me, and she told me the abandoned restaurant was my only chance. I didn’t trust the robed figure, but I trusted her.
“I will—“
“Before you decide... A final term: through your actions, eliminate one hundred abominations by the end of the storm. Fail, and you must continue working for me... without the possibility of returning to your dream... ever.”
“One hundred? How am I supposed to defeat one hundred? You are obviously trying to trick me.”
“Wielding the power I offer, that number is nothing.”
“I don’t trust you.”
“Fair enough. If you do not receive the promised power, our deal is no longer valid.”
Staring at the insect, I contemplated.
“Still don’t trust you. But I trust Annabelle.”
The robed figure got up. “Remove the coat.”
My palms were sweaty. Breathing heavily, I took my raincoat off.
“A piece of advice to assist you: beginning or end matters not, clenching one or the other solely brings pain; dive into the present... allow yourself to be carried into the unknown.”
Eyes shut, I held my breath.
I felt the moist insect against my skin. Inserting its tentacles in the same holes the pod used, it attached itself to my nape. All muscles in my body contracted. Losing control, I collapsed.
“Try to relax, while the larva strengthens your body. Do not worry, it won’t affect your mind too much, only a slight numbing of your self-preservation instincts.”
Everything went black. Muffled whispering became coherent.
“...the station must be destroyed...”
“...follow Lady Hortense away from the void...”
“...the creator... he lives in the star...”
“...genetic engineering mutilates God’s creation...”
“...the sun is a tunnel leading to freedom...”
My vision returned. Estimating how much time had passed was difficult.
The insect on the back of my neck hardened.
I put my raincoat on as I got up. My watch along with the robed figure had disappeared.
I stopped at the corpse, and pulled the machete out of the metal wall, causing the body to fall on the floor. I proceeded to strip it.
The dead man looked up. His face partly resembled the skull of a bird. “No foreplay, huh?”
I stepped back. The body returned to its previous, lifeless form. While rotting, the face was human.
“Ignore it... That didn’t happen,” I said.
Cautiously, I continued stripping it. The only items in its pockets were a few coins. Torn cloth served as an extra layer of protection from the rain. What I committed was out of character, but a force in my mind assured me not to question it.
I exited the abandoned restaurant.
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2021.10.23 00:36 galactic_frogs The best sweatshirt ever missing for 5 years

5 years ago I lost one of life’s true joys, my favorite sweatshirt. It was from h&m, black, and almost a knit(?) or knit-like material. For the life of me, I can not find it or any similar sweatshirt to replace it with since. Hours and hours of my life have been lost searching the internet and used clothing stores. If anyone knows about this type of sweatshirt I would be so grateful!
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2021.10.23 00:36 Matlabguru Data Mining vs Machine Learning

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2021.10.23 00:36 Puzzleheaded-Ice-792 PHUN

My question is why is no one mentioning Phun when Phun had greater percentage today compared to DWAC? DWAC 107% PHUN 471%
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2021.10.23 00:36 belligerentbanana69 My cousin (‘85 C4) and I (‘99 NB1) wanted to try out the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera quality. What y’all think?

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2021.10.23 00:36 ReallyRootin4YaButch Questions about Parallel Advisors, LLC and maybe possible liquidation, or they sold their positions and kept the calls. Need smarter apes to help interpret data.

It was pointed out to me that Parallel Advisors LLC's updated fintel data shows mass sell offs in their holdings aside from their calls. They sold 2600 out of 2900 positions.
Are calls/puts sold during liquidations? Or is that a choice that the margin calling organization has when the margin is not met? I'm a beginner at this and just need help understanding what I'm looking at here.
The company held some GME which they sold, but they still have GME options. I know they're not exactly the big fish in this scenario, but it is interesting to see a portfolio be emptied like this.
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2021.10.23 00:36 Upbeat_Bird1065 31558

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2021.10.23 00:36 WiiExpertise Wii Experiment #1: IOS Doomsday

This is the start of what will hopefully be an ongoing series where I use my new-to-me Wii to do software experiments that I come up with and y'all suggest. This was pretty much the main reason I even got this second Wii. So it's time to put it to work.
Experiment #1: IOS Doomsday This experiment is really more focused on a very unlikely hypothetical scenario. I'm not sure what the practical applications of the results would be, but I was still curious, so I did it.
What I'll be doing for this one is starting at 4.3U and deleting every single IOS present on the Wii except IOS80 (which the System Menu runs on). This includes IOS58, which the Homebrew Channel and most homebrew use.
After doing this, pretty much nothing will work outside of the System Menu. No WC24 channels, no games, no Mii Channel, etc. The goal is to see if it's actually possible to recover from this state without using BootMii as boot2 to restore a NAND backup.
Setting up the experiment Setting up the experiment is fairly simple, I used Wii Mod Lite and went into the IOS menu. Inside that menu, I selected each IOS one by one and chose the Remove IOS option. Some IOS gave a ticket not found error, but the IOS did still uninstall. This worked for every IOS except IOS58 which refused to uninstall. In order to uninstall IOS58, I had to load up YAWMM instead, highlight an IOS58 WAD, and choose the uninstall option. That worked just fine.
The Environment After returning to the Wii Menu, that was it. I had access to the System Menu and BootMii as boot2 (though the latter wasn't really relevant for this experiment), but nothing else. Opening up the News Channel simply returned back to the System Menu since the IOS was missing. The same was true for the Mii Channel and the Homebrew Channel.
I even tried loading the HackMii Installer through Letterbomb. I got past the scam screen before being greeted by the screen stating that my Wii had no vulnerable IOS and the installer forced me to exit. That was unsurprising, considering that IOS80 isn't one that the HackMii Installer can exploit.
In summary, nothing outside of the System Menu really worked. The one thing I wasn't able to test was loading games from disc, but I have no reason to believe that the results would have been different. No games run on IOS80.
Recovery Attempt So once you're in this state, how can you recover and have a usable Wii again? It's actually not very complicated.
In my case, since I was on 4.3U, Letterbomb was my exploit of choice. I replaced the HackMii Installer boot.elf that HackMii Installer typically loads with the YAWMM boot.elf. After doing that, I loaded Letterbomb, and then Letterbomb loaded up YAWMM. From there, it was simple as selecting an IOS58 WAD I had on my SD card and installing it. It installed just fine, and from there, I had the Homebrew Channel and homebrew back.
From this point, restoring the rest of the Wii is trivial. Just get the IOS WADs from NUS Downloader and install all of them using the WAD Manager of your choice.
While writing this post, one thing that popped into my mind was if running a System Update could have also fixed this situation by restoring all IOS. I didn't think to try this at the time. Maybe another day.
Conclusion So, based on this experiment, we can conclude that while it's really hard to accidentally get your Wii into this state where nothing outside the System Menu works, it's relatively straightforward to fix, and it's not a reason to panic at all.
What remains to be seen is if a System Update is a second solution to this problem.
Feel free to comment with any questions/comments regarding this experiment as well as suggestions for future experiments.
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2021.10.23 00:36 desertlocal How do you think aliens can live among us without any governments knowing?

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2021.10.23 00:36 WigglyDerp [New Chapters] I Became the Villain's Mother Ch.57-58

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2021.10.23 00:36 MarcoMontana97 Big dawg

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2021.10.23 00:36 NewsElfForEnterprise Canadian Market Down Marginally; Healthcare, Technology Stocks Losing Ground

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2021.10.23 00:36 Reasonable_Muscle148 Adhd meds and cloudy urine

I started dextroamphetamine two months ago, the first month I was taking 20mg IR twice a day, then on the second month my psychiatrist switched me to 20mg XR. After switching I have noticed that my urine is cloudy. I have gone to get tested for a uti and my results came back positive. I took my antibiotics and my urine is still cloudy. I have no uti symptoms with the exception of the cloudyness. I have an appointment with my psych in a week so I will bring it up, I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this. Thank you.
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2021.10.23 00:36 intelligentreviews National School Board Association Apologizes for 'Domestic Terrorist' Letter

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2021.10.23 00:36 SnooPop9 Is it commonplace for managers to take a cut of tips? Or should I ask for a higher pay? Or both?

I've been working in a cafe bistro for the past 7 years, from dishwasher to cook to busser to waiter, and ive been general manager now for 6 months.
I'm paid $40,000 CAD a year without benefits, although it wouldn't surprise me if my boss gave me a bonus at the end of the year. My salary is based off of doing 40 hours a week, but I'm doing on average 50+ hours a week. I even worked 16 days in a row this month because an employee quit last minute.
My boss noticed I was forced to do a lot of hours, so he offered me a paid week off, which I greatly appreciate. But even with a paid week off, it still doesn't feel like I'm getting paid for what we agreed upon, especially considering my salary isn't very high for everything I do.
On top of the administrative stuff, trainings, and management of employees I do, I spend most of my time on the floor or in the kitchen bussing and seating tables, making drinks, prepping food, cleaning, restocking, etc.. if I hired an employee to do these things, they would be receiving a percentage of tips. Would it not be reasonable to take a percentage of tips for myself given how involved I am with the labour of the dining room? If I weren't helping the waiters, there would be an employee there instead who would be receiving a cut of the tips anyways At the same time, I've always felt it's the responsibility of the business owner to pay the management appropriately.
What do you think? Should I enforce a cut of tips to keep for myself, or should I approach my boss for a raise? Or am I selfish and are actually being paid enough?
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2021.10.23 00:36 yourfavoritecrouton I am simultaneously the luckiest man on earth as well as the unluckiest

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2021.10.23 00:36 bellini1 Dark chocolate reduces cortisol

I found an interesting study about dark chocolate and it’s action on salivary cortisol … maybe interesting for people who have elevated cortisol and good to know for people with low cortisol
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2021.10.23 00:36 drz5555 White House: Biden to outline filibuster changes in ‘weeks’

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2021.10.23 00:36 vaironl Dog finally likes the crate

I posted a while back of not knowing much about training and initially using the crate as time out for my dog. I never trained her to like it and had to work during the early stages of getting her so it got real bad. I stopped using the crate for a couple of months and then began doing positive experiences in the crate. Now she goes to it as her Sade space and enjoys staying in there 10-15 minutes at a time. Not a lot but with separation anxiety that is a big win.
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2021.10.23 00:36 MKPrimeBeef The new BlackBerry Goji Rockstars have arrived!

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2021.10.23 00:36 Kitchen_Stretch1428 Welcome to Texas! #navasota

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2021.10.23 00:36 markregg Welcome to the Great British _____ Show!

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2021.10.23 00:36 feli468 A 5⭐ first place with bright green and Woods Ash 😯 Alas, a single unlock.

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2021.10.23 00:36 callmeguppy Anyone know if repentance can run on old Xbox?

Had the series x but I sold it cuz I literally had no games to play and now I can’t buy one because they’re sold out. I looked at the preorder on my old Xbox and it says that it’s made to work with the series x. Anyone know? Also what’s the official release date?
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